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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the questions we get asked the most about our services.

Vendor & Home Owners

Q. Can you do an inspection and let me know what needs to be done so there are no surprises when I sell my home? I don’t want a Contract to be held up by anything!

A. Eric Batty, our Building Inspector is able to carry out a thorough Inspection and provide a Vendor with all the information he needs to have a house ready for sale by providing a Comprehensive Building Inspection Report and Timber Pest Inspection Report.

Q. Can your Reports be given to a potential Purchaser?

A. Our client is YOU! We do provide information within a Report to anyone you have given the Report to. You, our client, are at liberty to provide a copy of your Report as you require and it can be a great tool during the selling process.


Q. Will a Building Inspection Report tell me where Asbestos is in the house? Can you take samples?

A. A Comprehensive Building Inspection will note issues above what is required in Reporting above the Australian Standards. The possible presence of Asbestos is noted when client choose to have a Comprehensive Building Inspection conducted. o As our Building Inspections are non-invasive, a sample will not be taken. Eric Batty will however, draw on his 40 years of experience in the Building Industry including his time as a Licensed Asbestos Assessor to assume any possible presence of Asbestos Containing Materials.

Q. When will I get the Reports?

A. All Reports are available on the afternoon of the Inspection after receiving payment of our Invoice.

Q. Can I attend the Inspection?

A. Eric is happy to meet with client’s onsite at the Inspection – just let the office girls know so a suitable time can be arranged.

Q. Do you get on the roof?

A. Eric Batty will carry out a roof walk over – so long as safe access is possible. A Ceiling Cavity can be inspected via access through a manhole.

Landlord & Home Owners

Q. Can you provide a Condition Report of the whole property?

A. YES! We are happy to go one step further and provide area specific information if required also.

Q. I am not sure what is at the property in terms of any Termite Protection

A. A Timber Pest Inspection Report will provide comprehensive details as to what Termite Protection is evident at the property at the time of the Inspection.

What we look for

Here are some examples of issues Building Inspections Plus have found in past property reports.


Gutter is sloped improperly and holding water

Extensive leaf debris found in guttering – leads to rusting

Roof Installation

Extensive leaf debris found in guttering – leads to rusting


Framing timber inadequately secured


Building andPest Inspections Gladstone

Some efflorescence (encrusted white powder or deterioration of the brick face) is visible to the brickwork


Building and Pest Inspections Gladstone

Rusty steel post brackets.